We have a range of electronic marking solutions to suit different exam types. The main advantage is that all data is pulled from the relevant question banks creating an electronically delivered exam with very little administrator interaction. No specialist IT knowledge is required and the system can be 'road tested' before deplyoment to test the efficacy of an exam.


Candidate and examiner details are held within each device so it knows who to expect, at what time and in what location. Any notes pertaining to candidate's or examiner's special needs are shown and even a candidate's picture can be displayed. Assets can be deployed and videos run for set durations making sure a candidate sees it through to the end before attempting any answer.


Systems are designed with redundancy in mind so in the event of a network or server failure the exam can still proceed. Where applicable, PDF snapshots of marks are recorded and transmitted to the server for permanent storage in case of 'question' at a later date.


Each system shows real time results with an administrators control panel allowing a birds eye view of the exams progression. Results, progress and 'no shows' can be montiored, even from remote locations. Systems can also be tailored for examiner assessment.


There are four principle methods of delivery.


Candidate interactive - entire exam

Ideal for exams where the candidate reads questions on-screen then chooses from available answer options; MCQ, SAQ, MTF, SBA EMQ/EMI, dvelopment based exams etc.


Examiner interactive - single station

Ideal for an exam where examiners mark candidates; SOE's, OSPE's, OSCE's etc.


Candidate interactive - single station - touchscreen kiosk

Ideal for OSCE exams whereby a touchscreen (or mouse driven) computer replaces the examiners and candidates are guided through the question and any assets choosing from available answer options.



Candidates or examiners can answer questions or post results through a secure web interface.

Interactive marking systems - electronic marking

Mark exams using laptops, tablets, kiosks or on-line

Real time results

Control panel to monitor exam

Easy set up - no specialist IT knowledge required

Redundancy in case of network or server failure

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Electronic marking