Asset management

X-rays (dicom)

Text files (rtf, txt, csv)


Vector based artwork (eps)

Any picture, graphic, video, document type can be stored against a question and transferred into, and optionally used within, an exam. Software installed on your computer is used to open or amend assets.


Assets are held separate to the Ripleys system preserving their original file type and keeping your system running at optimum speed.


All assets display their metadata which gives information about size, pixel dimensions, file type, creation details, file name etc.


Assets can be reporduced in examination papers or delivered electronically to the screen. An asset sizing guideline system gives you details of the assets useability across a range of print and display media and is useful in making sure assets of a reasonable quality only are used.


Assets associated with questions can be viewed, opened and downloaded via the web. Additionally assets can be uploaded via the web interface when submitting new questions for evaluation.


All assets are backed up nightly to three different locations for maximum redundancy.

Pixel-based pictures (jpg, png, tif, bmp etc.)

Excel and Word doucments


Video (avi, mov, mpg, mp4, wmv etc.)

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Asset management