Event management modules

Keeping track of your leads and being able to follow up is crucial.


From the moment you first have contact, your database will allow you to monitor your potential clients automatically, email at key moments and keep a comprehensive history.

Keep a record of potential venues, pictures and costs.


Collate this information to build a beautiful presentation for your clients.

Build multiple versions of quotes for your clients and switch easily between them.


Ripleys template system helps you build extensive quotes and to pick elements to add to your quotes, saving a huge amount of time.

To ensure you budget accurately for your events Ripleys has a comprehensive budgeting system.


This can be based on your client quotes and connects seamlessly to your supplier quotes.


Purchase orders and invoices are automatically created.

Manage your event staffing through your Ripleys system.


Includes agency lists, timesheets, function sheets and wardrobe requirements.

If you hold your own stock, we have a great stock management module.


Your load-out lists will be automatically created once your client has agreed to the budget.


Print out or use an electronic device to keep track.

Make sure everyone knows what they are doing and when.


Print out full function sheets from your accepted client quotes. From kitchen, catering, venue, setup design, technical equipment requirements through to  transportation.

Manage budgets and costs. Create purchase orders and invoices.


In-depth reporting ensure that you can keep on top of the financial details.

Since all of your information is held within one system reporting is quick and easy to perform.


There are endless possibilities all you need to do is let us know what you need to see.




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