Paper-based marking - optical mark recognition (OMR)

If you have a Ripleys system you can add a module to allow mark sheets to be printed directly from your exam setup which avoids any copying and pasting of your questions onto specialist paper. Any decent quality laser printer can be used which dramatically lowers costs over other systems because no special paper is required. Alternatively, PDF's of an entire exam can be made and a third party commercial printer used to print the mark sheets.


Papers can be printed with candidate details, circuit and question numbers, logo's and your college name. The mark sheets are designed individually to suit the exam you are marking and can be styled and branded to you. Questions can be optionally included or excluded by setting options in the exam.


A form fed or flat-bed commercially available scanner is required to scan the mark sheets and this can be purchased through us or directly from any hardware supplier. We recommend a range of models based upon throughput speed, availability of space and form type.


Mark sheets can be scanned during an exam for real-time results or at the comfort of your desk. The system will highlight missing mark sheets as well as weed out duplicates. Results are imported directly into an exam and shown against each question and candidate. Result checks are then made before statistics are created.


Optionally optical character recognition (OCR) can be added to a scanning system that allows the capture of handwriting or annotation.

Print mark sheets using any decent laser printer

Reduced costs and greater flexibility

Colour and mono sheets both supported

Sheets tailoired to individual needs and design requirements

Commercially available scanners used

Form fed or flat bed scanners available

High throughput speed

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Paper-based marking