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Your question banks are at the heart of your Ripleys system. This central repository stores every aspect of your question; it's associated assets, videos, marking criteria and guidance.


Store multiple assets

Your system will hold single or multiple assets related to a question for example X-rays, ECG's, Excel and Word documents, charts, videos, consent forms etc. all within one place. All can be opened or saved locally on your computer using your own software. All assets are available on the web too.


Map to blueprint and curriculum

Questions are mapped to your blueprint or curriculum to ensure you have a good spread of questions within your banks. Once a question has been mapped to all of the relevant curricula you are able to view how many questions have been mapped to a particular subject. With a visual chart you can easily see the spread of question across the categories.


Assign questions to specialities, categories, topics and subjects

Questions can be allocated to ensure certain areas are covered. These can be colour coded and then shown visually to demonstrate the spread of questions you currently have chosen.


Change log and version tracker

Because all of your questions are stored in one location it removes the problem of multiple versions being held. As and when questions are updated the changes are securely logged meaning you will always know when changes have been made and by whom. Exams automatically track changes made within questions and will update as required up and to the date of an exam.


Exam usage and statistics

When your questions have been used within an exam the statistics and relevant data will be displayed next to the question in your question bank. Legacy statistical data is shown so you can see how it has performed over a period of time.


Review your questions

You can set up reviews to be prompted after a period of time, if a question hasn't been used within a time period or if it has performed poorly. Key people will be alerted automatically by pre-defined emails. Review feedback is recorded next to the question.


On-line question writing

We make it easy for you to keep your banks populated with new questions by allowing your examiners to enter new questions on-line at any time. These can then be reviewed, commented on and amended before either being accepted into the bank ready to use or rejected.


Circuit-based exams

Circuit-based exams, like OSCEs and OSPE's, hold guidance and criteria for examiners, candidates and role players. Once this information is in the system it will automatically be available for the exams. No more copying and pasting! The equipment and props module stores what is needed for each station, these are collated in the exam so you know exactly what is needed, when and where.


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