Questions can be mapped to one or more curriculum competencies. These competencies are shown in an exam so that the spread of questions can be viewed by curriculum competency. Charting is used to better interpret the spread of questions within a bank or an exam.


Assign questions to specialities, categories, topics and subjects

Questions can be placed within specialities, categories, topics and subjects to ensure certain areas are covered by the questions in the bank or an exam.


These are colour coded and then used to show the spread of questions within an exam to make sure you don't have one subject dominating unless you want to.


Blueprinting, charts and reports

Short Answer Questions (SAQ)

Extended Matching Questions (EMQ)

Structured Oral Examination (SOE)

To complete the whole cycle of examination management is the reporting process. We have an extensive range of reports available and all can be exported to XLS format or saved as a PDF document.


Question performance reports

See how your questions have performed over time or within a specific examination. The Item analysis report can be pored over and the charts create a visual view of how the question has been answered.


Examiner reports

Examiner performance reports can be created to allow Hawks and Doves to be monitored. These results, along with their attendance, is held in their examiner record.


Statistical analysis

Item analysis reports with charting of each question used in an exam.


Candidate reports

Candidate attendence and pass / fail reports. Overall results and station mean with pass or fail by station.


Council reports

Often Colleges are asked to produce reports detailing aspects of your examinations for example; examiner profiles or curriculum coverage. These reports can be filtered by time periods.

Curriculum coverage

Examiner attendance

Candidate results and feedback

Candidate performance

Hawks and Doves

Statistical item analysis

Council reporting

Pass / fail report

Question performance over time

Question usage

Mapping questions to curriculum competencies

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Blueprinting, charts and reports