Statistics and analysis - performance monitoring

Number of correct candidates

Difficulty and discrimination index

Fifths and thirds

Pentile histograms

Point biserial

We understand statistics and have developed a module that works seamlessly with both our paper based or interactive marking systems. But, if you prefer, you can manually import statistics from an external source via an Excel spread sheet or even hand enter them.


Once you have your results in your exam the raw data is crunched to provide you with a multitude of statistical information. Questions can be excluded from the statistics and/or candidate results. Additionally answer keys can be changed post exam and the statistics and candidate marks re-calculated.


Statistical analysis, charts and reports are easy to produce and raw data can be viewed as an entire list. Furthermore, an examination item analysis report can be created and tailored to your requirements along with any other specific needs. This can be exported to XLS format or saved as a PDF document.


Statistics for a question used in an exam are shown against that question in the bank to track it's usage history. Plus this is shown against questions when choosing then for an exam so past performance can be evaluated. In addition, the marking habits of examiners can be held against their record allowing you to track hawks and doves.

KR20 and SEM

Response frequency

Borderline regression

Exam means and standard deviation

33% discrimination index

Hawks and doves

Correlation coefficient

+44 (0) 1344 513 512




Statistics and analysis