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We believe in personally working with you to develop the best solutions to meet you needs and help you manage your work. Each company requires different levels of expertise and we draw upon a wealth of experience and expertise from the many developers we work with.


You will get individual attention and you can talk directly to the people who develop your system. Our aim is to provide you with a system that you will use every day, making your life easier.

Who we are

Offering ideas

We have worked in examination, event and business management for over 30 years

Our advantages


Our developers have worked with multiple companies, exam teams and event managers since 1989.

We offer you experienced project management and change management ensuring your move to a new co-ordinated way of working is as painless as possible.

Best experts


Even though we are techies we do speak plain English. We can translate your complex requirements into an easy to use system.

Ripleys consultants will not bamboozle you with technology and will always explain the process of development with you.

Make solutions clear


We know that although managing businesses follows a fairly set pattern, each one of clients is unique and we always produce a bespoke system which will meet your unique requirements.

Individual approach

About us



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Patrick Ripley - MD

Patrick started his computing career programming nominal ledger systems in the mid 1980s. In 1989 he started his own company and it has grown to what we are today. His experience with database systems is extensive having developed systems for many of the Royal Colleges examinations, Public sector management and organisations, print, publishing and design companies, amongst many. He is still the key developer and manages the team.